Collaboration and Expectation Management

Designing or redesigning a website is always like a new and exciting journey to me (like with most of things in life in general). Of course there are patterns and routines – but there is always a different constellation, new requirements, different problems to solve. And I like having new challenges.
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What’s your mission?

When I start working for a new project most of the times my part of work is being asked AFTER a project has already been started. There have been discussion between the sales person and the customer, a project plan has been developed and promises have been made. So usually I am confronted with a...
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Information is Food

There are tons of data out there, so many interesting thoughts and news – and the with the development of the Internet it is getting easier to access all the information as well as to create them.
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Born to learn

That’s my mission – and I love learning! Just came across this nicely illustrated video – and I agree to their point: our school and education system does not fully support our abilities to learn in order to become creative uman beings.
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Creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating.

Lately, articles about creativiy are crossing my way constantely. This blog isn’t just about creativity – but this one inspired me again a lot:
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Frustration Is Part Of The Creative Process

I’m there again – at the point where the magic turns into frustration. Filled with excitement of giving birth to new ideas and create something new I feel at the same time blocked and hitting a wall.
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Creativity Is Worthless Without Action

I know there are so many posts, blogs and books out there talking about “creativity”, the mystery. And so very often people are being categorized as either being a “creative” or a boring soul. I don’t want to start a discussion about the definition of the term “creativity” (because how can you tell if somebody...
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Feedback and judgements

Working as an interaction designer since 7 years I look at myself as “experienced” as I am not a newbie anymore and I definitely gained experience over the last years.
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