Frauke Seewald

UX Designer | Researcher | Mentor

UX Design with passion

I’m Frauke, a designer from Germany, currently based in Vancouver, BC. My background in psychology shaped my interest in human behavior and cognition. I started my journey in 2004 as a researcher and usability consultant.

If you want to empower your team to create innovative products and services based on a deep understanding of your customer needs, you should work with me.

My Expertise

User Research

To create a great product you need to understand your customer. With interviews, workshops and by using data analytics I uncover the user needs.


In form of wireframes, I plan and structure your product interface, the interactions and the overall user flow – just like an architect is creating the concept for a building.

Usability Testing

I evaluate the performance and the user experience that your product offers and identify areas of improvement.

My Process

My Mission

Match business goals with customer needs to create valuable products with a great experience.

My Passions

Outdoor LifeBackcountry Skiing, Snowboarding, MTB, Scramble, Hike, Cycling
CreativityPhotography, Music (Songwriting, Violin, Singing)
Music projects:    

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