Mosaic: Interactive Maps for architectural website

Mosaic: Interactive maps for architectural website

User Research

4 months (2017)

About the Project

Mosaic, a high-end homebuilder based in Vancouver, BC, wanted to improve its digital touchpoints and improve the customer experience.

The Problem

Mosaic wanted a digital presence that reflected its high-quality design and attracted the right target audience. An important goal was to improve communication and make home details and specifications more accessible for their customers. The task was to come up with innovative ideas for interaction.

Design Thinking

We started this project with a collection of new ideas and a broad, open mindset.

1. Competitive Analysis
I explored the market and other industries for new trends in interactive design
2. Personas
We identified the ideal target audience through stakeholder interviews, and business vision workshop
3. Ideation Workshop
I facilitated a design thinking workshop to collect new ideas that fulfill the business objective while creating new customer values.

Design Phase

After collecting initial ideas, I explored different versions in the form of interactive wireframes

1. Wireframes
I created interactive prototypes we could use for internal review and user testing
2. User Testing:
We collected feedback through user testing

Challenges & Restrictions

This project started with a misalignment in expectations: while we started to explore a variety of ideas, the client had a specific budget and timeline in mind that had to be met. 

We had to manage the impression of “overpromising and underdelivering” and move the project from a creative high to a realistic approach.

Outcomes & Learnings

This project was a good reminder to always establish expectations and define key criteria before starting any design exercises.

I enjoyed facilitating design thinking sessions with the client and developing my skills in managing client relationships and expectations.