SWOT analysis for product design: How to make strategic design decisions

SWOT analysis for product design: How to make strategic design decisions

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You might have heard about SWOT analysis in a business context — but have you ever tried to use it for your product design decisions?

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What is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT analysis

📦 Start by looking at your product

🔎 Now, look at your market landscape

How is a SWOT analysis beneficial for product design?

Teamwork with building blocks

Evaluate your product from multiple angles

Big-picture thinking for strategic decision-making

Enhanced collaboration

Focus your design efforts on maximum impact

How do I do a SWOT analysis for product design?


What resources should I use for a SWOT analysis in product design?

SWOT analysis of a NEW product

Attracting new clients

Identifying potential strengths

Anticipating potential weaknesses

Exploring opportunities for innovation

Mitigating potential threats

SWOT analysis for an EXISTING product

Identifying strengths in current designs:

Recognizing weaknesses in current designs:

Exploring opportunities for improvement:

Mitigating threats to user experience:

Common pitfalls to avoid

Questions to keep in mind for your SWOT analysis





Key take-aways

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