Website (insurance)

Website (insurance)

Website for an insurance company
Client: Mobiliar


  1. Gain more visitors
  2. Sell insurances online (improve online customer service)
  3. Update the look & feel of the website


  • Understand brand and its current perception by customers
  • Transform corporate values into design language
  • Create templates that are flexible for each business unit of the company, yet fit into one global website
  • Simplify the content structure

My tasks:

  • Workshop to define business goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • Define target groups (personas) and their needs (scenarios)
  • Content Analysis
  • Define main problems and come up with solutions in rough sketches
  • Modulate sketches and create wireframes
  • Define different page templates
  • Usability Test

My methods & tools:

  • Workshop
  • Personas (based on qualitative interviews & web analytics)
  • Scenarios
  • Excel/ Content Audit
  • Paper & Pencil (Scribbles)
  • Axure (interactive wireframe)

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