Website Redesign: Trulioo

Trulioo: SaaS Website Redesign

UX Design & Content Strategy

4 months (2022)

About the Project

Trulioo is one of the leading global providers of identity verification systems. While they were expanding their product line, they wanted to rebrand. A redesign of the website should also improve the navigation and ease of use.  

The Problem

The website is one of their main marketing tools which should require leads. While the existing website encountered high traffic, the bounce rate was high and engagement with sales activities was low. The goal was to increase engagement while keeping their high SEO performance.

Discovery & Review

In the first phase I focused on understanding the current situation, the business objectives and user problems.

Heuristic Evaluation
I did a review of the existing website regarding usability and performance. In this step, I identified important content components I needed to consider in the design phase.
Content Audit
I also did a content audit and reviewed main analytics to understand performance and opportunity for improvements. This step informed the revised sitemap.
Personas & User Stories
Trulioo had through previous design exercises a good understanding of their intended target audience and their needs. With stakeholder interviews and persona workshops, we defined the key tasks each user group should perform on the website. This step helped us to define success metrics.

Design & Content Strategy

After we defined the problems that needed to get solved, I could start working on the solution phase.

Content Strategy
This project was really a content strategy project. The main goal was to drive traffic to the right areas. A key output was a user flow and navigation plan to allow users to discover related content easily. We also had to consider SEO requirements to keep up the current performance.
Content Hierarchy Workshops
I started each wireframe section with a content hierarchy workshop to get an alignment on priorities for content components. This was an effective way of working with SMEs.
The main deliverables were interactive wireframes with annotation for the content editing team, the UI designers and developers. It was a highly collaborative project.

Challenges & Restrictions

The main challenge was the lack of time and relevant support from SMEs. Because this project was very content strategy focused, we needed input from experts on content elements.

I navigated this challenge with video recordings of walkthroughs to communicate asynchronously with the team. 

Outcomes & Learnings

The redesign of the website was overall successful. The project team was delighted with the final results. Shortly after the redesign, they launched their new product and saw an accelerated growth in revenue.