BMC Switzerland

BMC Switzerland: Navigation Concept

UX Strategy

1 month (2023)

About the Project

BMC, a high-end bike manufacturer in Switzerland, wanted to improve their navigation structure to get ready for a fully integrated e-Commerce strategy.

The Problem

With the expansion of their product lines, BMC started to struggle to communicate product differences to their customers. To support the business vision of offering online orders for all bikes, the website team reached out for support to improve the navigation concept. 

My role was to support the team as a consultant through several working sessions.

Problem Definition

One of the underlying problems was a misalignment between the marketing team, who managed the content, and the IT team, who was responsible for interactions. I started this project by bringing both teams together in working sessions.

1. Target Audience
BMC had a good understanding of their target audiences - but not everyone in the team was fully aware of this knowledge. Reviewing and discussing personas and their needs helped to align everyone on the core problems we wanted to solve.
2. Customer Journey Map
In group exercises, the team walked through a customer journey. This allowed everyone to empathize, understand the customer perspective better - and then come up with ideas of how to improve the experience.


In a next phase I created user flows, wireframes and interactive components to visualize ideas from our working sessions.

1. User Flows & Sitemap
I created user flows for the main user scenarios which helped to inform the redesign of the navigation concept for the website.
2. Lo-Fi Wireframes
The time restrictions only allowed for very low-fidelity wireframes, which was enough to convey the way how users could explore products.

Challenges & Restrictions

The main challenge was bringing teams together for a shared vision. UX workshops were received as very valuable and resulted in a great outcome: the team felt inspired, they connected and started to communicate better with each other.

The final results is a website with an improved navigation structure.

Outcomes & Learnings

This project was one great example of how complex design problems can be: this project wasn’t just about a site structure. It was more about internal processes, communication and teamwork. Bringing teams together and use design thinking to create a shared vision and understanding was the biggest outcome of my support. I really enjoyed seeing such a great change and impact.