Competitive Analysis
User Research
Journey Mapping Workshop
SkillsUX Strategy, User research
Design AgencyBlueprint-UX
eBanking, UX strategy, user journey map, user research



Vancity was in the process of upgrading the online banking IT infrastructure. They were looking for UX support to use the opportunity to enhance the online banking experience. The IT upgrade was on a fixed timeline and had already started when we joined the process. Our focus was on educating the project team about user needs by starting a discovery phase with a user journey mapping workshop as the final output. 


Competitive Analysis: We did a competitive analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and topics to focus on in the IT upgrade

Stakeholder Interviews: We talked to 10 main stakeholders from different departments to understand the internal pain points and expectations of the project outcome.

User Research: We talked to existing customers to learn about pain points and needs for online banking (with a focus on credit card application & usage).

User Journey Map Workshop: We summarized and presented our findings. Based on the outcomes we hold a user journey mapping workshop with all of the stakeholders to empathize with specific customer groups and to identify gaps & opportunities for improvement.


A key challenge was timing: while we had to start with gaining a better understanding of stakeholder and user needs, the IT department was already in the process of making changes.


The main outcome was a common understanding of user needs across different departments, a better understanding of UX methodology and improved communication flow between the IT department and the research, marketing and customer support area.