Banff Lake Louise Tourism

UX Design

6 months (2021)

About the Project

Banff Lake Louise is a destination marketing organization that was looking for a revamp of their website.

The Problem

Competing with other destinations in North America, Banff Lake Louise wanted to provide a better overview of the breadth of experiences the Rocky Mountains offer to attract more visitors. They were looking for innovative ideas that would help with promoting this destination.

Collecting Phase

I started the project with collecting existing data as the team had already a wealth of customer knowledge.

1. Stakeholder interviews
I talked to different groups of the tourism organization to gain a variety of perspectives and insights.
2. Data Analytics
I analyzed existing website data to gain a better understanding of the website usage
3. Competitive analysis
I explored the market and looked at other competitors to understand strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Content Analysis

I did a deeper dive into the existing content to create a content strategy for the redesign.

1. Content Audit
I conducted a content audit of the existing website to identify content gaps.
2. Personas
I created personas for the website target audience to define the core needs and expectations as an input for the content structure.
3. Card Sorting & Sitemap
I conducted a card sorting exercise to improve the structure and navigation of the website.

Ideation Phase

To come up with innovative ideas for the website, I facilitated a variety of collaborative UX workshops.

1. Customer Journey Map
Based on the personas and collected data I facilitated a customer journey map workshop to identify areas for improvements
2.Ideation Session
We did another deep dive into the discovered opportunities in collaboration with business, development and UX.

Design Phase

With a clear vision and a list of requirements, I could dive into the last phase and bring the ideas in the form of interactive prototypes to life.

1. Content Hierarchy
I organized content hierarchy working sessions to align the team on the overall structure
2. Wireframes
I created a large set of wireframes (mobile first approach)
3. Usability Testing
I created an interactive prototype for usability testing and conducted interviews to collect user feedback

Challenges & Restrictions

During the project, we discovered a lot of different needs for each stakeholder group. Aligning the different expectations and creating a bigger-picture vision initially took a lot of work.

Another challenge was the circumstances in the travel industry: the project started during the pandemic, which left us with restricted access to user research.

Outcomes & Learnings

I had a fantastic team to work with. The immense engagement and constant input in form of collaborative working session really helped us to move this project to another level.

The client was super happy and we received most praise about the travel planner tool we integrated, a feature that is already being used as a best in class example by other tourism organizations.