Cognitive Bias
Doing user research can be eye-opening and helpful for any decision making. More and more companies acknowledge the value of user research and usability testing is becoming part of the product development process. With online tools like or it is easy for everyone nowadays to set up a test. So everyone can become a user...
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Lynne Waldera, working as an organizational consultant in SF, gave a great presentation about culture building in organizations, especially in organizations that want to improve the customer experience. Her tipps are: Design principles: Define the values you want your culture to have Casting: Be specific about the type of personalities you want to hire (the...
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When I start working for a new project most of the times my part of work is being asked AFTER a project has already been started. There have been discussion between the sales person and the customer, a project plan has been developed and promises have been made. So usually I am confronted with a...
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There are tons of data out there, so many interesting thoughts and news – and the with the development of the Internet it is getting easier to access all the information as well as to create them.
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