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UX Researcher

I help you and your team to understand your customers better – by collecting more in-depth information and making sense of any existing data you have.
Understanding your customers needs, pain points and expectations is crucial for successful product design.

How I help you

Interviews + Observation

Get to the WHY behind your customers’ behaviour and opinion.

What you gain
  • Deeper understanding of needs, pain points and expectations
  • The reason behind behaviour and opinions


Validate assumptions with quantifiable feedback.

What you gain
  • Quantitative data to validate your assumptions
  • Identifying trends and preferences

Diary Studies

Collect feedback and insights on customers’ behaviour over time and in context

What you gain
  • More detailed feedback and opinions about a product as customers will interact with it over time and in their personal context

Participatory Design

Facilitating group sessions to discuss needs and create prototypes together with your customers

What you gain
  • Increase customer loyalty by inviting them into the solution process
  • Get collective feedback and ideas from your customers
  • Quick validation of design solutions

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