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User Experience Designer & Strategist

UX Consultant

I support you and your team in the product design process with UX methods and recommendations.
Just like an architect, I help you to shape your product vision and create a plan to make your product come to life.

My Process

1 Situation Analysis

Your Business

Before I dive into the idea generation process (where all the fun and magic happens), I want to understand your business better: your objectives, pain points, target audience and market environment.

Methods I use
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Gap analysis workshop
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Heuristic analysis 
  • Review existing data
  • Content Audit
What you gain
  • Alignment on business objectives
  • Evaluation of your position in the market landscape
  • Understanding of existing knowledge gaps and input for additional research

2 Discovery

Your Customers

Once I understand where you are as a business and what your goals are, I can start with the research phase to uncover your customer needs in more details.  

Methods I use
  • User interviews and observation (in-person or remote)
  • Diary studies (to understand behaviour and routines)
  • Rapid prototyping (ideation with your customers)
  • Personas & User Stories
  • Customer Journey Map
What you gain
  • Deeper understanding of your customer needs & pain points
  • Prioritization of target audience
  • Ideas for opportunities for improvement or new solutions
  • Customer feedback
  • Team engagement

3 Creation

The Solution

Both business goals and customer needs will be the basis for the ideation phase: creating solutions that will make your customers happy and help your business to thrive.

Methods I use
  • Sitemap & Card Sorting
  • User Flows
  • Interactive prototypes/ wireframes
  • Usability Test
What you gain
  • Navigation structure for your product
  • Structure of the product layout
  • Guidelines for content hierarchy

4 Validation

The Finetune

After developing ideas and turning them into a design solution, you want to collect feedback and data to iterate, experiment and improve your solution.

Methods I use
  • Usability testing
  • Data analytics review
  • Surveys
What you gain
  • Recommendations for improvements

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