The Belgian agency Prophets presented their annual view on the trends in interactive design.

Although I am not a big fan of “trends” (if something is defined as a “trend” it is most often already mainstream or not a trend anymore, as trends are based on retrospections), I really like their slideshare.

Some of the topics are:

  • focus on content & mobile 
  • practice storytelling (as “the homepage is not the only front door”)
  • focus on cross-device supply (responsive design, mobile ecommerce, playful grid systems)
  • focus on touch and gestures (new/ different interactions)
  • focus on typo
  • purity is king

Looking ahead, this is what will gain in importance:

  • internet of big things: “the phone will start to anticipate a lot of what you need”
  • NUI (natural user interfaces): interface system that is invisible or perceived as invisible (interactions by gestures or voice)
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