Paladin: Website Redesign for Security Service

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Client: Paladin Security (in collaboration with Straydog Branding) Objectives Paladin Security wanted to increase their lead generation and conversion of their website: data analytics showed that the highest traffic was coming from visitors who were looking for a job (high traffic on the careers page). The goal was to increase traffic on pages that talk […]

Mosaic Homes: Real Estate Redesign

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Client: Mosaic Homes (in collaboration with Domain7) Objectives The real estate developer, Mosaic Homes, wanted to create a better and more “innovative” experience for their website. Mosaic provides high-quality residential property and wanted the website to reflect their leadership in design better. Challenges A big part of this project was to define what “innovation” meant for […]

KalTire: Redesign e-Commerce experience

Client: KalTire (in collaboration with imaota) Objectives Kal Tire was looking for a redesign of their website to improve the customer engagement online by offering more online services (find the right tire, book an appointment). Challenges The work on the interface required a solid filter solution that made it easy for customers to go through the complex product inventory […]

ignite: Online Insurance

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Client: ignite (in collaboration with Ariad Communications) Objectives The goal was to create a new website for a new insurance company who wants to bring new value to the online insurance experience: currently insurance companies in Canada only offer online quotes – but the final sales process has to happen by phone. ignite wants to break through […]

Rocky Mountaineer: Redesign travel website

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Client: RockyMountaineer (in collaboration with Work@Play) Objectives Rocky Mountaineer wanted to redesign their online presence – both for customers as well as for travel agents. The product line that Rocky Mountaineer offers is very complex and offers many varieties – which made it challenging for customers to find the right journey or to even get a good […]

Lululemon: Redesign of an online store

Client: lululemon Objectives lululemon decided to redesign the online stores – a roll out for several country. The main purpose was to increase the user experience of the online shopping experience. The core concept was developed by another digital agency, I was approached to align wireframes to incorporate consistency, to define basic interaction rules and to update […]

Sequenched: Yoga Poses Library

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Client: Sequenched (StartUp) Objectives I was approached for this project at the very early stage. The client had a business plan, a vision, did a competitive analysis and some high-level user research but needed support with the execution of the idea: creating user scenarios, wireframes as well as the visual design & branding. Challenges The client […]

BCTourism: Responsive Design

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Client: Tourism BC Objectives The goal for this project was to add more value and features to an existing website to engage visitors more. The website offers lots of travel information about destination, accommodations, events and activities in BC. With this project we wanted to add features that allow users to save travel information and […]

eGovernment: Responsive Design

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Client: AUMA Objective: The goal of this project was to redesign the existing website of Alberta’s Municipalities Association in order to increase the online participation of current members as well as to increase access to new markets.   Challenges: The website suffered from the consequence of growing and just “adding more”: there is a lot of information accessible […]

Properties: Mobile Version

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Client: Concert Properties OBJECTIVE: Create a mobile version for a property website for just the rental search part (adaptive design) CHALLENGES: The design on a hand-held device should have the same look & feel as the desktop version but still needed to be adapted. MY TASKS: Define a information architecture for mobile Create wireframes Consult during the […]
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