eCommerce: Outdoor Online Shop

Client: Hajk (outdoor & scouts)

Project goal:

  1. Become competitive to other eShops in the outdoor industry
  2. Simplify the content management
  3. Transport brand values on the website (young & modern with quality & expertise


My tasks:

  • Define the brand values
  • Understand the target groups and their needs
  • Define USPs by competitive analysis
  • Create a userfriendly and easy-to-manage online shop
  • Take criteria for SEO into account (ensure, that content is easy to find)


What I did:

  • Workshop to define the brand values
  • Target group analysis (interviews in stores with customers and sales people)
  • Create personas and scenarios
  • Conduct content inventory to create new sitemap
  • Define main problems and come up with solutions in rough sketches
  • Modulate sketches and create wireframes
  • Define different page templates


Methods & Tools I used:

  • workshop
  • personas (based on qualitative interviews)
  • scenarios
  • paper & pencil
  • Fireworks

CMS: Magento

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