Sequenched: Yoga Poses Library

Client: Sequenched (StartUp)


I was approached for this project at the very early stage. The client had a business plan, a vision, did a competitive analysis and some high-level user research but needed support with the execution of the idea: creating user scenarios, wireframes as well as the visual design & branding.


The client was about to find a team; while I was starting my work on the wireframes the development team was not existing yet – so we couldn’t benefit from a close collaboration from the beginning on. The project team worked remotely – but we put great communication channels in place (slack, dropbox sync) to keep a constant way of updating each other.


We started by summarizing the existing information into a product vision sheet and a user journey that indicates the main user pain points as well as opportunities for Sequenched to identify the main features we should focus on in the product.

Planning Phase: Product Vision + User Journey


The next phase was working on the wireframes for a responsive design. I created the wireframes in Axure which allowed us to test wireframes on different devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) for constant review internally.

Wireframes & Workflows

I created an annotated document for the wireframes to share everything with the development team (that joined the project later). The intended interactions were discussed with the developers to make sure that the planned user experience could be achieved.

I then created the visual design for the product.

Visual Design
Visual Design

My work also included creating a visual styleguide for any future work on the product. I designed a landing page and created a logo for business cards.

Styleguide & Logo