Rocky Mountaineer: Redesign travel website

Client: RockyMountaineer (in collaboration with Work@Play)


Rocky Mountaineer wanted to redesign their online presence – both for customers as well as for travel agents. The product line that Rocky Mountaineer offers is very complex and offers many varieties – which made it challenging for customers to find the right journey or to even get a good understanding of their options. Similarly travel agents were struggling with their internal tool and were often forced to call the support hotline to book a trip.


This project required a streamlined redesign for both the customer facing online experience as well as the travel agents’ tool. The product lines were very complex but had to be translated into a simple pick- and choose solution.


My main role was doing user research to understand travel agents’ pain points better, the current usage of the internal tool and their tasks & needs.

Existing tool
Existing tool for redesign
User Research
User Research – Deliverables

I was also part of the design team to create wireframes (based on a mobile first approach). The project team worked in an agile manner.

Concept: Sketching + Wireframes
RockyMountaineer – Final Design