Paladin: Website Redesign for Security Service

Client: Paladin Security (in collaboration with Straydog Branding)


Paladin Security wanted to increase their lead generation and conversion of their website: data analytics showed that the highest traffic was coming from visitors who were looking for a job (high traffic on the careers page).

The goal was to increase traffic on pages that talk about Paladin’s service offers and drive them to the contact form.


We worked in a mixed team to combine our super powers:
SEO Analyst, Visual Designer, Business Analyst, CopyWriter, Project Manager and me, UX Designer.
We had to define the main areas for improvement.
I started with a competitive analysis: together with the client we identified the main competitors and the main areas of interest. I then conducted a heuristic evaluation to rate the website usability.
competitive anaylsis
Competitive Analysis – Final document
The next step was a content analysis:
I created a spreadsheet with the current sitemap, the different page types and the data analytics to identify the traffic stream
Looking at the content details helped me to create a new information architecture. I documented the output as a wireframe map.
content audit wireframe map
Content Audit and Wireframe Map

That’s when the fun started: creative solutioning. We split the work in 3 phases to work in sprints. I always work with real content in my wireframes. This time I was lucky to work with the content editor in parallel. That allowed us to simplify the pages a lot!

Wireframes (responsive)

We gathered feedback from the client in any phase to make updates and changes.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the budget for a usability test – but we did set up goals that we measured with data analytics.

After the wireframes the visual designer started the branding and design work. The final result got implemented in spring of this year.

By now we have enough data that shows us the success of the redesign: we increased the overall findability of the website (by 10% organic search), we attract more visitors (increased by 21.5%) and we have more people using the contact form to reach out to Paladin (increased by 28%).

What a successful redesign!


Final Design