Mosaic Homes: Real Estate Redesign

Client: Mosaic Homes (in collaboration with Domain7)


The real estate developer, Mosaic Homes, wanted to create a better and more “innovative” experience for their website. Mosaic provides high-quality residential property and wanted the website to reflect their leadership in design better.


A big part of this project was to define what “innovation” meant for the client. The client was very design-savvy and could clearly describe what they did NOT like, but it was a longer journey to identify the vision.



This project was a very collaborative journey, we worked very close with the client together and kept the process agile from start to end.

We started with user research to learn more about Mosaic’s customer – by interviewing both customers (home buyers) as well as sales representatives.

USer Research
User Research & Stakeholder Interviews

In parallel I did research about the competitors on the market and summarized the results in a competitive analysis. I used both the user research results and the competitive analysis to conduct a collaborative workshop with the client to identify the ideal user journey and the key features we wanted to focus on.

User Journey Mapping
Feature List
Workshop Result: Feature List


Next I could focus on the creative process: turn the identified user pain points in a better user experience. As one of our challenges was to define “innovation” for this project we started with a sketching session with the client: I prepared sketches for the main pages to have them criticized by the client. This process helped the communication process and made sure that we all reached a shared vision.

Sketching Workshop: Design Critique

After having reached a common understanding I created wireframes using Sketch and presented everything in Invision to showcase the user flow.


Final Design
Final Design