ignite: Online Insurance

Client: ignite (in collaboration with Ariad Communications)


The goal was to create a new website for a new insurance company who wants to bring new value to the online insurance experience: currently insurance companies in Canada only offer online quotes – but the final sales process has to happen by phone. ignite wants to break through these barriers and offer to complete the purchase of an insurance online. The user experience should be similar to an in-person consultation with an agent by using AI/ a chatbot.


Insurance plans are a very complex product by nature and require customers to provide lots of information (which turns into a long form process online). The main challenge was to create a form process that captures every necessary detail but make it simple for a user and keep them engaged during the form flow.

Another challenge was to integrate some form of an artificial intelligence to generate the experience of talking to a travel agent.


Ariad conducted the discovery page, did a competitive analysis and defined personas and scenarios in collaborative workshop sessions. My role was to create the wireframes. This task included defining the wireflow for different insurance options, identifying options to integrate AI, and creating an overall engaging experience.

Integrate AI – chatbot

I created interactive wireframes in Axure which allowed us to conduct usability tests on both desktop and mobile to improve the concept.

Ignite – wires