HR Assessment Application

ClientFortune 50 Company
SkillsUX Strategy, UX Design, Usability Testing
Websiteinternal tool
HR application, responsive design

HR Assessment Application


The client (one of the Fortune 50 IT companies) needed a better hiring tool that allowed to capture reviews and ratings for candidates throughout the multi-step hiring process. The tool needed to be accessible on multiple devices.


Discovery: We did stakeholder interviews as well as user interviews to review and understand the current process. Based on the feedback we defined the core design challenges we needed to solve for.  

Design: We worked with design studios (rapid sketching sessions) to produce a variety of solutions. Through feedback in user tests, we eliminated ideas and iterated on the strongest ideas.


The design solution needed to be simple yet scalable (for a multi-step review process for multiple candidates rated by multiple people). Our final solution based on adjustable table styles with expandable information was greatly accepted in our round of testing.