Healthcare Startup

ClientNew Hippo Health
SkillsUX Strategy & Research


I joined this startup at the very early stages to provide some guidance around User Experience Design. The overall goal was to disrupt the current referral process between doctors and specialists. And we started at the very beginning.


Research & Observation: We started with in-field research. Through shadowing and observing doctors in their offices and in hospitals we gained a better understanding of the tasks and the existing pain points.

Personas & User Journey Map: We summarized our observations in form of personas and mapped their task flow out. That allowed us to uncover the big picture and to identify the main business opportunities.

MVP: We decided on the core features we wanted to focus on in a minimum viable product. Our first approach wasn’t even a digital solution but a redesign of an existing paper form to test our assumptions.

User feedback: We shared our prototype continuously with stakeholders and users to get feedback and make iterations.


One of the main challenges was to integrate the UX mindset and design thinking in an existing agile development approach. The perception of slowing down for gaining some fundamental understanding about users was a learning curve for the team.