KalTire: Redesign e-Commerce experience

Client: KalTire (in collaboration with imaota)


Kal Tire was looking for a redesign of their website to improve the customer engagement online by offering more online services (find the right tire, book an appointment).


The work on the interface required a solid filter solution that made it easy for customers to go through the complex product inventory and find the right product.

On the back-end we were tied to a specific platform (Demandware) that offered off-shelf solutions – which come with lots of restrictions.


I joined the team mid-ways and worked on specific sections of the website redesign (product detail page, search results, filtering, store locator, My Account). Research work was already done and we had personas in place, that were guiding our decision making, as well as user journey, that defined the features and focus of the website. Data analytics helped to identify critical sections of the current website and helped to shape the measurable goals for the redesign.

My role was to create wireframes in Omnigraffle and present them to the client to explain the envisioned user experience.

Persona Mapping
Wireframes (responsive)
Wireframes (responsive)