Social media and sharing of information is becoming more and more a “standard” in most of my projects. The client wants to make his content “sharable” – so he wants to have some nice little social media icons on his website. Usually these icons are being placed either above or below the content.

I just stumbled over a website where these icons are being placed within the text. That’s interesting – because it offers more options to the user.

social media placement
Example for social media icons within text


Instead of sharing a complete website or an article the user can refer to a specific message.

This reminded me on sharing options in ebooks; I think kobo is doing a great job here. They allow people to interact, comment, share knowledge and insert cross-references to other sources.

example social media kobo
social media at kobo: cross-reference to other sources



example social media usage kobo
social media at kobo: sharing knowledge and adding comments

These features are great examples of how we could make sharing also on websites more valuable.

It would also help to remind the client (who is the content owner) to care more about their content and how to provide the content.


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