Face recognition – suddenly we’re ubiquitious

I have to admit I kind of like the feature in so many digital photo applications that allow me to “tag” photos by names quite easily – due to the functionality of face recognition. Analyzing patterns and making meaning out of it – that’s great, isn’t it?

But if you think it through, if you think about the consequences, the possibilities, it can get – as usual with “thinking ahead” – also a little scary.

Robert A Stribley summarized his point of view about that topic on medium and got me thinking.

We allow acquaintances to see some personal things about us on Facebook — folks we may have little in common with and with whom we’d normally not share much information — in exchange for quick, economical, efficient, cheap communication across a wide network through a single channel. But there’s a lot of other information — and images — about you and me out there that simply hasn’t been tagged or recognized yet. Soon — any day, any minute maybe — the opportunity will exist for all of that content to be found and tagged.

But do we really have a chance to get in control of all that data?

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about the scary parts of “big data” but talk more about the opportunities, the positive impacts that could evolve – and offer people support to make use of their data (e.g. to learn more about oneself).

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