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January 13-17, 2020

My favorite UX articles of the week

UX and (marketing) psychology

Great analysis about sales & psycvhological tactics that is using on the website and the effect it has on user behaviour. Recommended read for #e-commerce website design. How makes you book a room – a UX analysis


User Research and action items

Insights about how to make user testing results more tangible and useful for the business. Great tips and tactics – recommended for #user research. The techniques I use to easily turn user testing into actionable insights


Design is a teamsport

Yay, big shout out to this mantra – I highly believe in collaboration and would like to see a more open and inviting culture in the UX space. Design as a team sport 


How to lead sketching sessions 

A bit of a catch up in my feedly inbox – but this is a great article with tips on how to engage stakeholders and non-designers in creative sketching sessions. Great read for #UX workshop planning and meetings. How to Get Stakeholders to Sketch: A Magic Formula


UX Case Studies – writing tips

This is a series of articles about how to structure your UX case studies better. Recommended for #storytelling and #writing. How to Create Engaging UX Case Studies with Freytag’s 5-Part Dramatic Structure

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