eGovernment: Responsive Design

Client: AUMA


The goal of this project was to redesign the existing website of Alberta’s Municipalities Association in order to increase the online participation of current members as well as to increase access to new markets.



The website suffered from the consequence of growing and just “adding more”: there is a lot of information accessible but it is very hard to find something. The main task was therefore to restructure the information architecture as well as to provide guidance for a better content strategy.

Where we started...
Where we started…



I started the project with a workshop to get to know the user groups better. Based on former usability tests and user feedback collected by the support group we defined personas and their main needs. Focusing on the most important target groups we created scenarios to summarize what a user would most likely do or what he would be looking for on the website. I eliminated the main interactions from those scenarios to define features and requirements for the website.

In parallel I did a content inventory of the existing website. With the client we prioritized existing content and defined the new structure of the website.

My tasks & deliverables

After creating the new information architecture I worked on wireframes (responsive design) in collaboration with front-end development and design and created an interactive prototype.


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