Creativity Is Worthless Without Action

I know there are so many posts, blogs and books out there talking about “creativity”, the mystery. And so very often people are being categorized as either being a “creative” or a boring soul.

I don’t want to start a discussion about the definition of the term “creativity” (because how can you tell if somebody is creative or not if you don’t know yow to measure it?)

And I don’t want to come up with another lecture about how everybody is creative in a personal sense.


But I very much like the thoughts of Chuck Wending summed up in his blog post. My favorite ones:


Creativity Is Worthless Without Action

Yes, indeed. Creativity starts in your mind – but you gotta do something to make your ideas come true, to make, to create.

Creativity Is Dead Without Skill

There we go – at a first glance that one implies a big fear to my; do I have the skills to be creative? but that’s not the way to think about it. The message is again: you gotta start with a first step to find out if you are “skilled”; without trying you cannot make any improvements!

Prison Break From Your Comfort Zone

It’s important to try new things, to gain different experiences to stretch your mind – and finally come up with new ideas. Get out of your comfy zone!

No One Tool, Method, Or Strategy

There is no “path to become a creative”. Creativity is in you, and everybody is different. Find your own way of how to express yourself and your ideas the best! No need of comparison or measurement. Just enjoy!



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  1. It is virtually iismspoble to measure creativity. There are so many scales and so many degrees and categories of creative genius that it is just not sensible to test it in a systematic way. How to test your creativity? I guess you can start by exploring what talents you already have and building on it. For example, if you’re somewhat good at drawing, try to invest some time in drawing something novel and extraordinary and see how it goes. Also, try playing with legos. Try building things using those toy blocks to see how creative you can be. I can also refer you to some sites which claim to test creative intellect so message me if you’re interested. It’s important to remember that creativity can never truly be tested and the creative geniuses of long ago devoted substantial time to their efforts in order to be considered creative. Finally, I think you’re creative already for trying to find the answer to such an unique question in a place like this. Best of luck on your journey

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