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Part of every business life: meetings! Meetings can be fun and productive, meetings can also be frustrating and annoying. They can feel like a waste of time Рor they can feel like great teamwork and a successful step towards your project goal. What makes the difference? As a freelancer I step into this trap over...
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Kim Goodwin has some practical tips for designers on how to balance  advocating for end users as well as helping our customers to achieve certain organizational goals. The article on boxesandarrows
Giving presentation is one part of my job. Most of the times it’s not so much about giving a “fancy presentation” in front of a big audience – but it’s rather about giving a summary about results (looking back) or about project plans and the next steps (looking ahead). Recently I noticed that preparing a...
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When I start working for a new project most of the times my part of work is being asked AFTER a project has already been started. There have been discussion between the sales person and the customer, a project plan has been developed and promises have been made. So usually I am confronted with a...
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Working as an interaction designer since 7 years I look at myself as “experienced” as I am not a newbie anymore and I definitely gained experience over the last years.
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