Yay, my first blogpost for toptal is online: Read more about the value of user research on the toptal blog.
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journey map
I was lucky enough to participate in one of Sara Wachter-Bottcher’s amazing content strategy workshops and found new inspiration. It got me particularly thinking about my current usage of user journey maps and the problems I encounter with them. Journey maps are a great tool to think about the big picture (what is the main user goal, where...
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Collaborative Waterfall
Agile is one of these magical words in our days. It’s like a promise that by using an “agile method” everything will be faster, cheaper and definitely more innovative. The project managers that I heard talking about Agile made it always sound like paradise: everybody is working together, the process is very flexible, the client...
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Collaboration needs clear communication and good organization to be successful. I enjoy working in a team and I like talking to people, sharing ideas, giving and getting feedback. Currently I am working for a company with offices in different locations. The distance and the time difference can be challenging and requires more effort to keep the...
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Redesign USAtoday
I had the chance to listen to a very inspiring presentation by Anton and Irene, both working at Fantasy Interactive. They do an amazing job when it comes to simplify websites and create unique and accessible user experience.
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  A more holistic view on user experience. I have to admit that I do get stucked sometimes by focusing on technical constraints and interfaces. This video is a good reminder to look at problems with a very broad point of view.
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Good UI
Lovely newsletter about UI ideas: Jakub Linowski (author of the Wireframes Magazine) is presenting practical tips and new ideas on making user interfaces easier to use and improve conversion rates. Updates should come on a monthly basis. Find out more about Good UI.  
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Browser, desktop and mobile templates to present your mockups in a realistic environment. 40+ PSD files & actions for mockups
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