A new project, a new client, a new opportunity. It’s a new beginning – and part of it is to learn each other’s language. Once upon a time… It seems so simple in the beginning. Here is a typical situation I am facing over and over again: A client calls me and is looking for...
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…or how to avoid scope creep and manage your wireframe work Ever fell in the wireframe scope creep trap? You are starting your work on the wireframes – and during the review cycles your client comes up with more and more requirements or new ideas for features. And some of it is part of the...
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Yay, my first blogpost for toptal is online: Read more about the value of user research on the toptal blog.
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Collaborative Waterfall
Agile is one of these magical words in our days. It’s like a promise that by using an “agile method” everything will be faster, cheaper and definitely more innovative. The project managers that I heard talking about Agile made it always sound like paradise: everybody is working together, the process is very flexible, the client...
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I just read a great article that provides new inspiration on writing in the life of a UX person – like UX reports: Think Like An Artist And Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love You won’t find any practical examples or templates there – but this article got me thinking and taught me the...
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Designing or redesigning a website is always like a new and exciting journey to me (like with most of things in life in general). Of course there are patterns and routines – but there is always a different constellation, new requirements, different problems to solve. And I like having new challenges.
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