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…or: understand not only the user needs but also the business goal before making up your interaction designer mind. Working as an interaction designer means being a translator and understanding as well as combining different motivations from people with a different point of view. We know that by heart: you have to understand the problem, seek for different ways to tackle the issue – and make a decision in the...
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Innovation is still a big word that everybody is striving for. Businesses feel the pressure to come up with new and “innovative” ideas. But how do we get there, how are we “innovative”, where is that button, that we need to push? I just got reminded that part of the answer is: facing your fears. It’s fear that is holding us back from being more creative and innovative, fear is...
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Gamification – that is not just an important buzzword for the game industry but it relates to almost every interactive product. When I first got in touch with Usability I learned about the standards and norms, the heuristics and the measurable goals. In order to call something a “usable” product requires that the product is easy to learn, it is efficient in its usage, it is intuitive in its handling,...
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