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My collection about ideas that inspire me and my personal lessons learned

Wireframe Template Map: how to avoid scope creep and manage your wireframe work

Ever fell in the wireframe scope creep trap? You are starting your work on the wireframes – and during the review cycles your client comes up with more and more requirements or new ideas for features. And some of … Read More

Prepare meetings & create action items

Part of every business life: meetings! Meetings can be fun and productive, meetings can also be frustrating and annoying. They can feel like a waste of time – or they can feel like great teamwork and a successful step towards your … Read More

How to communicate the value of user research

Yay, my first blogpost for toptal is online:

Read more about the value of user research on the toptal blog.

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A training in Social entrepreneurship

I just finished a 6 weeks training for social entrepreneurship in India, organized by the amazing crew of SocialStarters. I applied for this training to get my freelancer career to the next level: I wanted to learn more about the … Read More

User Journey Map & Action Plans

I was lucky enough to participate in one of Sara Wachter-Bottcher’s amazing content strategy workshops and found new inspiration. It got me particularly thinking about my current usage of user journey maps and the problems I encounter with them.

Journey maps are … Read More

Human cognition and its consequences for user testing

Doing user research can be eye-opening and helpful for any decision making. More and more companies acknowledge the value of user research and usability testing is becoming part of the product development process. With online tools like or it is … Read More

Reflecting on Lean UX

In my job there is the ongoing discussion about agile development and how to integrate UX. What is the bigger idea, what is the excitement about? There is the vision of a flexible team, that works more effectively, faster, more … Read More

Agile & UX: it’s a mindset, not a process

Agile is one of these magical words in our days. It’s like a promise that by using an “agile method” everything will be faster, cheaper and definitely more innovative. The project managers that I heard talking about Agile made it … Read More

Worldcup and Product Design

My fascination for soccer as a naive

I don’t know that much about soccer, the details, the tactics and the players – but I enjoy watching the game. Mostly the big ones as this is a whole experience: people are coming … Read More

Sitemap with site-templates

Collaboration needs clear communication and good organization to be successful. I enjoy working in a team and I like talking to people, sharing ideas, giving and getting feedback.

Currently I am working for a company with offices in different locations. The … Read More