I have to admit I kind of like the feature in so many digital photo applications that allow me to “tag” photos by names quite easily – due to the functionality of face recognition. Analyzing patterns and making meaning out of it – that’s great, isn’t it? But if you think it through, if you...
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  A more holistic view on user experience. I have to admit that I do get stucked sometimes by focusing on technical constraints and interfaces. This video is a good reminder to look at problems with a very broad point of view.
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Axure Styleguide Client: internal OBJECTIVE: Create a styleguide in Axure with responsive elements to guarantee consistency within a large project CHALLENGES: Working on a redesign of a very large and complex website we had to split the overall goal in several subtasks. As there were different UX designers and developers involved we needed to come up...
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Mobile version of an existing website (adaptive design) Client: Concert Properties OBJECTIVE: Create a mobile version for a property website for just the rental search part (adaptive design) CHALLENGES: The design on a hand-held device should have the same look & feel as the desktop version but still needed to be adapted. MY TASKS: Define a information...
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Kim Goodwin has some practical tips for designers on how to balance  advocating for end users as well as helping our customers to achieve certain organizational goals. The article on boxesandarrows
Good UI
Lovely newsletter about UI ideas: Jakub Linowski (author of the Wireframes Magazine) is presenting practical tips and new ideas on making user interfaces easier to use and improve conversion rates. Updates should come on a monthly basis. Find out more about Good UI.  
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Browser, desktop and mobile templates to present your mockups in a realistic environment. 40+ PSD files & actions for mockups
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Being passionate about user experience and interaction design I strive for technological solutions that feel more “human”. But even more: I love to bring people together – and technology can be very supportive in doing so. Currently I work on an idea for a side project that aims for strengthening neighbourly help.  Doing a little...
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Responsive travel website Client: itravel2000 OBJECTIVE: Redesign of a current website to have a consistent experience on different devices (responsive design) with an improved booking flow. CHALLENGES: Collaborative project with different partners (for development and design). The tight timeline forced us to focus on just the most visited pages of the website. Agile project setting MY...
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