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    I am Frauke, a UX Designer,
    a creator, communicator, collaborator and knowledge collector.

  • The Big Picture

    Products and services with a great user experience are the result of a great teamwork. I help to communicate the big picture and the final goal.

  • Psychology & Design

    My background in psychology shaped my communication skills – regarding teamwork as well as product design.

What I focus on as a UX Designer

Latest posts

Agile & UX: it’s a mindset, not a process

July 25, 2014 | fseewald

Agile is one of these magical words in our days. It’s like a promise that by using an “agile method” everything will be faster, cheaper and definitely more innovative. The project managers that I heard talking about Agile made it … Read More

Worldcup and Product Design

July 15, 2014 | fseewald

My fascination for soccer as a naive

I don’t know that much about soccer, the details, the tactics and the players – but I enjoy watching the game. Mostly the big ones as this is a whole experience: people are coming … Read More

Sitemap with site-templates

June 16, 2014 | fseewald

Collaboration needs clear communication and good organization to be successful. I enjoy working in a team and I like talking to people, sharing ideas, giving and getting feedback.

Currently I am working for a company with offices in different locations. The … Read More