• Welcome

    I am Frauke, a UX Designer,
    a creator, communicator, collaborator and knowledge collector.

  • The Big Picture

    Products and services with a great user experience are the result of a great teamwork. I help to communicate the big picture and the final goal.

  • Psychology & Design

    My background in psychology shaped my communication skills – regarding teamwork as well as product design.

What I focus on as a UX Designer

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Latest posts

Wireframe Template Map: how to avoid scope creep and manage your wireframe work

May 18, 2017 | fseewald

Ever fell in the wireframe scope creep trap? You are starting your work on the wireframes – and during the review cycles your client comes up with more and more requirements or new ideas for features. And some of … Read More

Prepare meetings & create action items

March 3, 2017 | fseewald

Part of every business life: meetings! Meetings can be fun and productive, meetings can also be frustrating and annoying. They can feel like a waste of time – or they can feel likeĀ great teamwork and a successful step towards your … Read More

How to communicate the value of user research

April 30, 2016 | fseewald

Yay, my first blogpost for toptal is online:

Read more about the value of user research on the toptal blog.

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