I'm a UX Designer
& Researcher

My Services

User Research

To create a great product you need to understand your customer. With interviews, workshops and by using data analytics I uncover the user needs.


I plan and structure your product interface, the interactions and the overall user flow – just like an architect is creating the concept for a building.

Usability Testing

With usablity tests I evaluate the performance and the user experience that your product offers and identify areas of improvement.

Blog Posts .

My thoughts and learnings as a freelance UX Designer – both on methods, process but also business and managing work as a freelancer.

Wireframe Template Map

…or how to avoid scope creep and manage your wireframe work Ever fell in the...
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Prepare meetings & create action items

Part of every business life: meetings! Meetings can be fun and productive, meetings can also...
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How to communicate the value of user research

Yay, my first blogpost for toptal is online: Read more about the value of user...
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